Stephen Barkan is a designer excited about digital design, branding, and web development.






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My first opportunity to design professionally was the year after I graduated college as an AmeriCorps at a nonprofit. Designing was my favorite task and I found myself eager to improve, so the following year I started freelancing with other organizations around the city, gaining experience in both design and business. Iā€™m grateful for the people who trusted me to contribute to their organizations ā€“ learning as I went, I was lucky to have a caring group of people support my growth. I now am a designer at a marketing communications company where I work on strategy, social media design, and web design and development for our B2B tech clients.

I have other interests too ā€“ I like to write electronic music and play guitar, I like to cook and explore the city with my partner, Eugenia, and lately I’ve been re-embracing my love for graphic novels!


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