Empower for Good

Branding and Website

Project Background

When Empower for Good (EFG) approached me about creating their brand and website, I had been learning about web development for a couple months but had yet to find a real-world opportunity to put my skills to use. I learn best from hands-on application, so working with a client to create a brand and then design and develop a website from scratch was an exciting opportunity.

The client and I started with an audit of the industry, uncovering what brands in the small business consultant space look and sound like.

The research made me confident that we could set EFG apart in the industry by making thoughtful design a core part of its brand.

I knew it was unlikely the client would be totally satisfied with the first designs I presented, so I intentionally created two contrasting options, the feedback from which would help us narrow in on her preferences for the next round.

The client liked the idea the first option’s logomark communicated – navigating out of a complex problem – but felt that the design was too corporate and masculine. She thought the visual impact of the second logo wasn’t quite strong enough, but did like the softer color palette I introduced.

I addressed her feedback and created a third direction that balanced the values of professional and approachable. I was happy with the result and really excited to share it with the client!

The simplicity and fluidity of the mark matched well with the typeface’s soft serifs and large bowls. I matched the cap of the logomark’s stroke with the tips of the letters in the logotype to better visually connect the mark and type.

I then created a set of icons to represent EFG's processes; the additional assets made the brand a more substantial identity with plenty of character.

This was the first time I had coded a website from scratch, so I was both excited and nervous try it for the Empower for Good website.

I had a lot of fun, learning as I worked. At the end of the project I reflected on how I approached the code and what I would try differently next time.

Project Takeaways

  • I learned strategies for presenting branding work to a client and how important it is to be able to explain one’s thought process to others.
  • I gained real-world practice developing a website from scratch – experience that helps me be a better designer with a clearer understanding of how front-end code and design relate.
  • I was reminded of how design can make a big difference for small companies. I don’t often see the impact of the design work I do in my real job (our clients are large companies who I never directly interact with), so witnessing an organization succeed in part because of my contribution felt really great!
An email from the client after I shared the website design with her for the first time. ❤️


  • November 2018 – January 2019

What I Contributed

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Who Else Contributed

  • Eileen Chao // Strategy and Copywriting