November 2018 - May 2019


Art Direction Branding Web Design Marketing Design Illustration

INK needed to revamp its visual identity to target B2B tech companies. As the company’s interactive design specialist, I led the project to refine our brand and design our new website.

Photography by Ryan Riggins

To decide what needed to change in our more mature visual identity, we analyzed what was and wasn’t working in our existing brand. Since the majority of our brand applications are PowerPoint decks created by non-design team members at the company, we looked to them to reveal what the brand was lacking.

The two main issues we were suffering from were:

In INK’s case it was especially important to have clear guidelines and restrictions around these decisions – limiting the design choices non-designers need to make results in a more consistent, recognizable look and feel across collateral. It became one of my primary goals to solve these problems with the brand update.

A set of illustrations I created as visual metaphors for each of our services.

While the rest of the website and brand is tight and limited in terms of color, the About Us page is full of life and smiles, showing that although we had matured as a company, we hadn’t lost our people-focused mission.

As a small easter egg, we made each team member’s hover overlay color match the color of the office they work in – green for Austin, pink for Denver, and yellow for New York.
A collection of the social graphics I designed to promote the launch of our new website.